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Gulab Weekend Farmhouses just launched

Gulab Weekend Farmhouses (your weekly getaway)

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A step towards the nature, a step beyond your dreams. . .
We decided every person should have their time, amidst the chaos and cacophony that surround their daily life.
We decided to build a place for them.

Gulab Farmhouse Villas are a unique blend of a private retreat with the ironic bonus of peaceful community living.

You’d want to care less and live more, so we provided everything you need to spend your serene time here. From living zero to living more than ever, we have it all.

Feel like getting out? Walk around your very own piece of nature. Need to move your muscle? Get a swimsuit or a bat and visit the club house! Want to watch a Blu-ray together with friends? The Common Hall is all you need. Feeling sleepy, at last? Find absolute peace on your bed.

They say food is all you need, along with some shelter, to truly attain a state of salvation. Well, we provide both: hassle-free doorstep food delivery and a simple yet luxurious villa, to live your life.

With house maintenance free-of-cost, we are perhaps the only project which takes the issue of maintenance costs off your mind, allowing you to actually breathe the cleaner air, care free!

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Near Gulmor Golf Club,
Kolat Nava pura Road,

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Launched - Booking open.

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Chetan Prajapati
(+91 9725885999)