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Gulab Weekend Farmhouses just launched

Gulab Weekend Farmhouses Project - Paghadi Infratech

Gulab Weekend Farmhouses

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Architecture (fall for absolute solitude)

Every villa in our Gulab Farmhouse Villas are a delight to the senses. As you park the car, your private lawn softly guides you to your door. Inside is everything you could ask for in a residential Zen Café: Walk-through windows to your lawn and terraces, a modern fireplace, a rustic gable rooftop and a cosy backyard garden.

The semi-modernistic architecture makes for a calming visual impression as well as a delightful dwelling experience. With readymade flawless interiors, modular kitchen space and two open terraces, you will be able to experience living in-the-moment.

Gulab Weekend Farmhouses Commercial Key Feature - Paghadi Infratech

Farmhouse Features