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Gulab Weekend Farmhouses just launched

Gulab Weekend Farmhouses Project - Paghadi Infratech

Company Profile

Paghadi Associates took its first step into the business of infrastructure in 2009. Since then, we have been constantly working on our singular goal: Redefining simple living.

We have been delivering constant succour to our customers as we believe in maintaining relations beyond the walls of capital. Our customer, after all is our worthiest asset.

Following the wonderful success of our debut project, Amaranthus Villas, we have been constantly inspired to work towards the satisfaction of our precious customers.

At the heart of our industry is the belief that simplicity is the way to true freedom. Hence, we strive to provide living spaces without indulging in luxury that is just for the sake of luxury.

Our projects revolve around a central theme: Open spaces with a serene touch of nature.


At the core of our industrial philosophy is -

  • Making the world a world of plenty.
  • Offering luxurious living environments to citizens of the world.
  • Setting a benchmark of quality in each and every project that we take up.


Our long term vision is to design and construct a township for commercial establishments and living spaces with around a hundred apartment buildings in the next five years' time.