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At Paghadi Infratech, we believe in challenging our customers' definitions. We go beyond what is expected of us- in terms of dynamic expertise and everyday definitions of what is acceptable. Our work reflects months of research and organisation to bring together a harmony of simple living ideas. We provide customer satisfaction through promoting a utilitarian experience in our projects.

Our sites are chosen to be inspired and designed around a central theme of Nature. The ardour we show towards these themes is expressed in the lifestyle amenities that we provide. Our team of architects and engineers are a young and enthusiastic group of individuals who have varied but singular philosophies about Luxury through Simplicity.

Company Profile

Paghadi Associates took its first step into the business of infrastructure in 2009. Since then, we have been constantly working on our singular goal: Redefining simple living.

We have been delivering constant succor to our customers as we believe in maintaining relations beyond the walls of capital. Our customer, after all is our worthiest asset.

Following the wonderful success of our debut project, Amaranthus Villas, we have been constantly inspired to work towards the satisfaction of our precious customers.

At the heart of our industry is the belief that simplicity is the way to true freedom. Hence, we strive to provide living spaces without indulging in luxury that is just for the sake of luxury.

Our projects revolve around a central theme: Open spaces with a serene touch of nature.

Our projects revolve around a central theme: Open spaces with a serene touch of nature.


At the core of our industrial philosophy is -

  • Making the world a world of plenty.
  • Offering luxurious living environments to citizens of the world.
  • Setting a benchmark of quality in each and every project that we take up.



Our long term vision is to design and construct a township for commercial establishments and living spaces with around a hundred apartment buildings in the next five years' time.



A perfect blend of Serenity and Luxury

A tranquil abode is a necessity in this fast-paced life. And other than the lap of nature, which can be the best place to have it? Considering this, we have created homes that have a perfect blend of serenity and luxury. Yes, being situated in the lap of Mother Nature, Gulab LuxuriousHomesare blessed with greenery, scenery and tranquility that are sure to fill your life with peace and joy.

Here you can forget every core as we provide you everything for your retreat. You can enjoy every moment with your dear ones and strengthen your bond with them. Besides, you can also connect with yourself as it enables you to do away with the routine.

They say food is all you need, along with some shelter, to truly attain a state of salvation. Well, we provide both: hassle-free doorstep food delivery and a simple yet luxurious villa, to live your life.

With house maintenance free-of-cost, we are perhaps the only project which takes the issue of maintenance costs off your mind, allowing you to actually breathe the cleaner air, care free!


Architecture (fall for absolute solitude)

Every villa in our GulabLuxuriousHomesis a delight to the senses. As you park the car, your private lawn softly guides you to your door. Inside is everything you could ask for in a residential Zen Café: Walk-through windows to your lawn and terraces, a modern fireplace, a rustic gable rooftop and a cozy backyard garden.

The semi-modernistic architecture makes for a calming visual impression as well as a delightful dwelling experience. With ready-made flawless interiors, modular kitchen space and two open terraces, you will be able to experience living in-the-moment.


Lifestyle Amenities (when here, live more)

Gulab Luxurious Homes is also equipped with lifestyle amenities to make your life happening. Our typical public amenities include:

  •   Private Lawns- to experience nature within your own space.
  •   5 Green Gardens- to check-in after every peacetime walk.
  •   Multipurpose Hall with Surround Sound- to enjoy those late night matches or to warm-start up your day with yoga, maybe with some instrumental music.
  •   Breakfast Canteen- for the chats and tea parties.
  •   Sports Equipment- for those who work indoors all weekdays.
  •   Swimming Pool- to unwind from those hectic weekdays, perhaps with some drink on the rock.
  •   Children's' play area- to let the young have their own taste of unwinding.


Location(don't forget to experience a vivid nightscape)

  •   Our site is thoughtfully located just beyond the city’s happening and sometimes humdrum life. An area with such quiet that can only possibly be disturbed by the joyful tinkles of your children.
  •   Even in such remote reaches, we have found just what you need and you can have it in the comfort of your private den. With doorstep food services, you can be sure your appetite will be one less thing on your mind.
  •   Our project will, in the next years, be one of the places that are surrounded by every major roadway existing, and proposed by the government in the immediate coming years. We have hence stuck a perfect balance between adequate accessibility and ample outside-city life experience.
  •   You could stand up in one of your spacious open terraces and find the YMCA Club out into the north-eastern direction. GulabLuxuriousHomes is located at the edge of Kolat and Navapura village, off NH8, and within 1km radius of the proposed DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor) project.



Walkthrough - Have a look at Gulab Weekend Farmhouses Sample villa


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Location: Near Gulmor Golf Club, Kolat Nava pura Road, Kolat
Type:Farmhouse Projects
Status: Launched - Booking open.
Contact Person:Chetan Prajapati
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